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Message ID: 1695     Entry time: Wed Jun 24 11:20:40 2009
Author: Stephanie 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Multiply Resonant EOM Update 

I have created the attached EOM circuit with resonances at 11 MHz, 29.5 MHz, and 55 MHz (the magnitude and phase of the voltage across the EOM are shown in the attached plot). The gain is roughly the same for each resonant peak. Although I have managed to get the impedances at all of the resonant frequencies to equal each other, I am having more trouble getting the impedances to be 50 Ohms (they are currently all around 0.66 Ohms).

For the current circuit, initial calculations show that we will need around 4.7 - 14.2 A of current to drive the EOM at the desired voltage (8 - 24 V); this is much higher than the current rating of most of the available transformers (250 mA), but the necessary current will change as the impedance of the circuit is corrected, so this is probably not a cause for concern. For example, the necessary driving voltages for the current circuit are (2.8 - 8.5 V); if we assume that the 50-Ohm impedance will be purely resistive, then we get a current range of 56 - 170 mA.

Attachment 1: EOM_CktDiagram.JPG  33 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: EOM_VoltagePlot.JPG  68 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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