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Message ID: 1675     Entry time: Tue Jun 16 02:09:31 2009
Author: rob 
Type: Update 
Category: Locking 
Subject: DD handoff finally working 

I had trouble getting the SRC handoff from SD to DD to work.  I tried different gains, flipping the PD7 & 8 demod phases by 180 degrees, and messing with the output matrix to reduce cross-couplings in the state with MICH & PRC on DD and SRC on SD.  Eventually I decided to try to make the DRM matrix diagonalization work. 

It does, mostly.  The handoff is now stable, and the loops all have UGFs around 100Hz.  So, tonight anyways, it's possible to run senseDRM and then loadDRMImatrixData.m and run the resulting tdswrite command, and have a working handoff.  I had to eliminate a few PDs (PD5 & PD10) to get it to work properly. 

It would be nice if this script would measure all the PDs and allow individual setting of loop UGFs and measurement frequencies. 



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