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Message ID: 1673     Entry time: Mon Jun 15 15:17:33 2009
Author: josephb, Steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vacuum control and monitor screens 

We updated the vacuum control and monitor screens  (C0VAC_MONITOR.adl and C0VAC_CONTROL.adl).  We also updated the /cvs/cds/caltech/target/c1vac1/Vac.db file.

1) We changed the C1:Vac-TP1_lev channel to C1:Vac-TP1_ala channel, since it now is an alarm readback on the new turbo pump rather than an indication of levitation.  The logic on printing the "X" was changed from X is printed on a 1 = ok status) to X is printed on a 0 = problem status.  All references within the Vac.db file to C1:Vac-TP1_lev were changed.  The medm screens also now are labeled Alarm, instead of Levitating.

2) We changed the text displayed by the CP1 channel (C1:Vac-CP1_mon in Vac.db) from "On" and "Off" to "Cold - On" and "Warm - OFF".

3) We restarted the c1vac1 front end as well as the framebuilder after these changes.

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