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Entry  Fri Jun 12 09:56:38 2009, steve, Configuration, VAC, new maglev installed m390pd.jpg
    Reply  Fri Jun 12 15:34:49 2009, steve, Configuration, VAC, maglev is running 
       Reply  Mon Jun 15 16:31:36 2009, steve, Configuration, VAC, RGA is scanning new Maglev 
Message ID: 1671     Entry time: Fri Jun 12 09:56:38 2009     Reply to this: 1672
Author: steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: new maglev installed 

Joe and Steve


The retrofitted Osaka 390 was installed on the pumpspool yesterday.

V1 gate valve is disabled for safety by disconnected pneumatic power plug.

The foreline of this maglev now have a KF25 size viton o-ring directly on the turbo.

This is bad for leak hunting.

Joe is ready with new interface cable. Power supply and cables are in place.

The maglev was pumped down this morning.

All new gas kits and metal hose were leak checked by sprayed methanol.

There is no obvious sign of leak. I was expecting the pressure to drop below 1e-5 Torr in one hour.

TP2 is drying out the levitating coils of the turbo at ~7 l/s for N2

We'll start the pump as soon as Joe is in.



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