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Message ID: 1670     Entry time: Fri Jun 12 02:01:03 2009
Author: rob 
Type: Update 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: DRM matrix diagonalization 

I started two scripts, senseDRM and loadDRMImatrixData.m, which Peter will bang on until they're correct.  They're in the $SCRIPTS/LSC directory.  The first is a perl script which uses TDS tools to drive the DRM optics and measure the response at the double demod photo-detectors, and write these results to a series of files loadable by matlab.  The second loads the output from the first script, inverts the resulting sensing matrix to get an input matrix, and spits out a tdswrite command which can be copied and pasted into a terminal to load the new input matrix values. 

What's left is mainly in figuring out how to do the matrix inversion properly.  Right now the script does not account for the output matrix, the gains in the feedback filters at the measurement frequency, or the fact that we'll likely want the UGF of our loops to be less than the measurement frequency.  Peter's going to hash out these details.

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