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Message ID: 1664     Entry time: Wed Jun 10 01:52:34 2009
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: MC length and Marconis' frequencies 

Pete, Rob, Alberto,

yesterday we thought that some of the problems we were having in locking the IFO might be related to a change of the length of the mode cleaner. So today we decided to measure it again.

We followed the Sigg-Frolov technique (see 40m Wiki, Waldman, Fricke). For the record, the MC_AO input corresponds to IN2 on the MC Servo board.

We obtained: L = 27.092 +/- 0.001 m

From the new measurement we reset the frequencies of the Marconis to the following values:

33196450 Hz

132785800 Hz

165982250 Hz

199178700 Hz


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