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Entry  Tue Sep 14 16:12:03 2021, Jordan, Update, SUS, SOS Tower Hardware 20210914_160111.jpg
    Reply  Tue Sep 14 17:14:46 2021, Koji, Update, SUS, SOS Tower Hardware 
Message ID: 16326     Entry time: Tue Sep 14 16:12:03 2021     Reply to this: 16328
Author: Jordan 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: SOS Tower Hardware 

Yehonathan noticed today that the silver plated hardware on the assembled SOS towers had some pretty severe discoloration on it. See attached picture.

These were all brand new screws from UC components, and have been sitting on the flow bench for a couple months now. I believe this is just oxidation and is not an issue, I spoke to Calum as well and showed him the attached picture and he agreed it was likely oxidation and should not be a problem once installed.

He did mention if there is any concern from anyone, we could take an FTIR sample and send it to JPL for analysis, but this would cost a few hundred dollars.

I don't believe this to be an issue, but it is odd that they oxidized so quickly. Just wanted to relay this to everyone else to see if there was any concern.

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