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Entry  Fri Jun 11 20:19:50 2021, Koji, Summary, BHD, BHD OMC invacuum wiring 40mBHD_OMC_wiring.pdf
    Reply  Thu Sep 9 09:54:41 2021, Stephen, Summary, BHD, BHD OMC invacuum wiring - cable lengths bhd_cable_length_check_cable_bracket_to_components.pngbhd_cable_length_check_flange_to_cable_bracket.pngbhd_cable_length_check_cable_bracket_to_omc_bracket.png
Message ID: 16198     Entry time: Fri Jun 11 20:19:50 2021     Reply to this: 16318
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: BHD 
Subject: BHD OMC invacuum wiring 

Stephen and I discussed the in-vacuum OMC wiring.

- One of the OMCs has already been completed. (Blue)
- The other OMC is still being built. It means that these cables need to be built. (Pink)
- However, the cables for the former OMC should also be replaced because the cable harness needs to be replaced from the metal one to the PEEK one.
- The replacement of the harness can be done by releasing the Glenair Mighty Mouse connectors from the harness. (This probably requires a special tool)
- The link to the harness photo is here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3XsUKaDePbxbmWdY7

- We want to combine the signals for the two OMCs into three DB25s. (Green)
- These cables are custom and need to be designed.

- The three standard aLIGO-style cables are going to be used. (Yellow)

- The cable stand here should be the aLIGO style.

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