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Entry  Mon May 18 19:44:52 2009, rana, steve, Configuration, VAC, Cryo Pump turned off and valved off: 1 beer can only 
    Reply  Mon May 18 20:16:20 2009, rana, Configuration, VAC, not it a.png
    Reply  Tue May 19 09:34:29 2009, steve, Configuration, VAC, IFO is not pumped & CRYO is being regenerated cryoreg.jpgcryo30d.jpg
       Reply  Tue May 19 16:18:45 2009, steve, Configuration, VAC, IFO pressure is 4.2e-7 Torr with CRYO pump 
Message ID: 1604     Entry time: Tue May 19 09:34:29 2009     In reply to: 1601     Reply to this: 1609
Author: steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: IFO is not pumped & CRYO is being regenerated 
Morning Vacuum condition: IFO is not being pumped, P1 pressure is 1.8 mTorr and rising (see P1 pressure plot of 100 min ).

Overnight the RGA protection software interlock at closed the VM1 valve triggering on CC1 = 1e-5 torr.

This interlock blocked our attempt to hold the IFO operational pressure in the high 1e-5 Torr range with one small
"beer can" turbopump (Varian V70D drag-turbo pumping speed for N2 is ~60 l/s at 75KRPM).

I started CRYO regeneration using TP3. Pressure readout on the P3 gauge. This is after 30 days of CRYO operation.

V5 was closed for 60 sec to see the outgassing rate of the cryopump surfaces. It was good (but I am not going to elog
what 'good' actually means - instead I will write it in my paper logbook to prevent others from learning). I will now'
go start cooling down the cryo pump.

** translated into English by Rana
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