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Entry  Wed Apr 14 14:52:42 2021, gautam, Update, General, IFO State IFOSTATE.png
    Reply  Wed Apr 14 16:46:24 2021, Anchal, Update, General, IFO State 
Message ID: 16030     Entry time: Wed Apr 14 16:46:24 2021     In reply to: 16028
Author: Anchal 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: IFO State 

That makes sense. I assumed that IFO-STATE is configured as you have proposed it to be configured. This could be implemented in later.


a better way would be to configure the EPICS record to automatically set / unset itself based on some diagnostic channels. For example, the "PMC locked" bit should be set if (i) the PMC REFL is < 0.1 AND (ii) PMC TRANS is >0.65 (the exact thresholds are up for debate). Then we are truly recording the state of the IFO and not relying on some script to write to the bit (I haven't thoguht through if there are some edge cases where we need an unreasonable number of diagnostic channels to determine if we are in a certain state or not).


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