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Entry  Fri Mar 12 03:08:23 2021, Koji, Summary, SUS, Coil Rs & Ls for PRM/BS/SRM P_20210311_224651.jpgP_20210311_225359.jpg
    Reply  Fri Mar 12 12:32:54 2021, gautam, Summary, SUS, Coil Rs & Ls for PRM/BS/SRM BS_actuator.pdfPRMact.pdf
       Reply  Fri Mar 12 13:01:43 2021, rana, Summary, SUS, Coil Rs & Ls for PRM/BS/SRM 
          Reply  Fri Mar 12 13:48:53 2021, gautam, Summary, SUS, Coil Rs & Ls for PRM/BS/SRM 
    Reply  Thu Mar 25 16:02:15 2021, gautam, Summary, SUS, Repeated measurement of coil Rs & Ls for PRM/BS 
Message ID: 15913     Entry time: Fri Mar 12 12:32:54 2021     In reply to: 15907     Reply to this: 15914
Author: gautam 
Type: Summary 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Coil Rs & Ls for PRM/BS/SRM 

For consistency, today, I measured both the BS and PRM actuator balancing using the same technique and don't find as serious an imbalance for the BS as in the PRM case. The Oplev laser source is common for both BS and PRM, but the QPDs are of course distinct.

BTW, I thought the expected resistance of the coil windings of the OSEM is ~13 ohms, while the BS/PRM OSEMs report ~1-2 ohms. Is this okay?

  • All the PRM coils look well-matched in terms of the inductance. Also, I didn't find a significant difference from BS coils.
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