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Entry  Thu Jan 14 11:46:20 2021, gautam, Update, CDS, Expansion chassis from LHO 
    Reply  Thu Jan 14 12:19:43 2021, Jon, Update, CDS, Expansion chassis from LHO 
    Reply  Fri Jan 15 15:06:42 2021, Jon, Update, CDS, Expansion chassis from LHO 
       Reply  Fri Jan 15 16:54:57 2021, gautam, Update, CDS, Expansion chassis from LHO Screenshot_2021-01-15_17-00-06.png
          Reply  Tue Jan 19 13:19:24 2021, Jon, Update, CDS, Expansion chassis from LHO 
Message ID: 15766     Entry time: Fri Jan 15 15:06:42 2021     In reply to: 15763     Reply to this: 15767
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Expansion chassis from LHO 

Koji asked me assemble a detailed breakdown of the parts received from LHO, which I do based on the high-res photos that Gautam posted of the shipment.

Parts in hand:

Qty Part Note(s)
2 Chassis body  
2 Power board and cooling fans As noted in 15763, these have the standard LIGO +24V input connector which we may want to change
2 IO interface backplane  
2 PCIe backplane  
2 Chassis-side OSS PCIe x4 card  
2 CX4 fiber cables These were not requested and are not needed

Parts still needed:

Qty Part Note(s)
2 Host-side OSS PCIe x4 card These were requested but missing from the LHO shipment 
2 Timing slave These were not originally requested, but we have recently learned they will be replaced at LHO soon

Issue with PCIe slots in new FEs

Also, I looked into the mix-up regarding the number of PCIe slots in the new Supermicro servers. The motherboard actually has six PCIe slots and is on the CDS list of boards known to be compatible. The mistake (mine) was in selecting a low-profile (1U) chassis that only exposes one of these slots. But at least it's not a fundamental limitation.

One option is to install an external PCIe expansion chassis that would be rack-mounted right above the FE. It is automatically configured by the system BIOS, so doesn't require any special drivers. It also supports hot-swapping of PCIe cards. There are also cheap ribbon-cable riser cards that would allow more cards to be connected for testing, although this is not as great for permanent mounting.

It may still be better to use the machines offered by Keith Thorne from LLO, as they're more powerful anyway. But if there is going to be an extended delay before those can be received, we should be able to use the machines we already have in conjunction with one of these PCIe expansion options.

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