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Entry  Wed Nov 4 00:10:43 2020, gautam, Update, General, Vent activities today IMG_0184.jpgIMG_0185.jpgIMG_0187.jpgIMG_0207.jpegIMG_0210.jpg
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       Reply  Fri Nov 6 11:36:37 2020, gautam, Update, General, ETMY suspension eigenmodes ETMY_pkFitNaive.pdfETMY.tar.bz2
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Message ID: 15661     Entry time: Fri Nov 6 11:36:37 2020     In reply to: 15660     Reply to this: 15671
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: ETMY suspension eigenmodes 

Attachment #1 shows the main result - there are 4 peaks. The frequencies are a little different from what I have on file for ETMY and the Qs are a factor of 3-4 lower (except SIDE) than what they are in vacuum, which is not unreasonable I hypothesize. The fits suggest that the peak shape isn't really Lorentzian, the true shape seems to have narrower tails than a Lorentzian, but around the actual peak, the fit is pretty good. More detailed diagnostic plots (e.g. coil-to-coil TFs) are in the compressed Attachment #2. The condition number of the matrix to diagonalize the sensing matrix (i.e. what we multiply the "naive" OSEM 2 Euler basis matrix by) is ~40, which is large, but I wouldn't read too much into it at this point.

I see no red flags here - the PIT peak is a little less prominent than the others, but looking back through the elog, this kind of variation in peak heights doesn't seem unreasonable to me. If anyone wants to look at the data, the suspension was kicked every ~1100seconds from 1288673974, 15 times.


I'm measuring the free-swinging spectra of ETMY overnight. 

Attachment 1: ETMY_pkFitNaive.pdf  182 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: ETMY.tar.bz2  713 kB
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