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Message ID: 15642     Entry time: Fri Oct 23 19:01:57 2020
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: PEM 
Subject: PSL Particle Counter kit removed from the table 

The particle counter on the 40m PSL was removed. The package was made together with the OMC lab particle counter (see the packing list below).

The kit was picked up by Radhika for a python code to read out the numbers.

=== Packing List ===

  • MET ONE 227A particle counter
    • used at the 40m. It has the particle reading and the temperature reading.
  • Power supply adapter (AC/DC) for 227A
    • Caution: It is not compatible with GT-321.
  • MET ONE GT-321
    • I found another type of particle counter in West Bridge.
  • Power supply adapter (AC/DC) for GT-321. (Labeled "for GT-321")
    • Caution: It is not compatible with 227A.
  • DB9 cable for GT-321
  • Air Filter G3111
    • When you run a particle counter attach this filter instead of the dust collecting cup to keep the air in take of the particle counter clean. This should keep the particle level down to zero.
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