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Entry  Thu Oct 15 20:00:23 2020, Koji, Summary, General, HEPA AC cord replacement P_20201015_200732.jpgP_20201015_200752.jpgP_20201015_202615.jpgP_20201015_204234.jpg
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Message ID: 15630     Entry time: Thu Oct 15 20:00:23 2020     Reply to this: 15989
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: HEPA AC cord replacement 

The AC cord from the PSL HEPA variac to the junction box was replaced.
Now the HEPA is running at 70%

Showed up at the 40m at 7pm


  • Closed the PSL shutter.
  • Closed the innolight shutter
  • Turned off the HEPA mains switch
  • Checked the HEPA fan rating: 115V 4.5A.
  • Brought the thickest power cord from the wall stock: the rating is 125V 15A. This should sufficiently hold two HEPAs.

Cable Replacing

  • Rechecked the wire connection. The new cord has green/black/white wires. And the colors agree with the color of the wires in the junction box.
  • Removed the existing cord.
  • Attached the new cord.
  • Checked the variac AC plug. The terminals in the plug look normal and the AC plug looked sufficiently rigid.
  • Checked the connection again. = OK


  • Turned on the HEPA mains switch
  • VairAC turned to 70%
  • Checked the air flow - The HEPA fans are sucking the air = OK

Closing the work

  • Closed the junction box.
  • Cleaned up the roof
  • Opend the innolight shutter
  • Opened the PSL shutter
  • Locked the PMC
  • Locked the IMC  - found the transmission was ~80% of the pre-work due to misalignment of the PMC
  • Aligned the PMC - this recovered the IMC REFL of ~5.2 when the IMC was unlocked

Leaving the 40m at 9:30pm

Memo: 40m wiring/Mask/Camera/Red Pitaya/Particle Counter

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