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Entry  Mon Aug 24 08:13:56 2020, Jon, Update, VAC, UPS installation 
    Reply  Mon Aug 24 11:25:07 2020, Jon, Update, VAC, UPS installation 
Message ID: 15538     Entry time: Mon Aug 24 11:25:07 2020     In reply to: 15537
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: UPS installation 

I'm leaving the lab shortly. We're not ready to switch over the vac equipment to the new UPS units yet.

The 120V UPS is now running and interfaced to c1vac via a USB cable. The unofficial tripplite python package is able to detect and connect to the unit, but then read queries fail with "OS Error: No data received." The firmware has a different version number from what the developers say is known to be supported.

The 230V UPS is actually not correctly installed. For input power, it has a general type C14 connector which is currently plugged into a 120V power strip. However this unit has to be powered from a 230V outlet. We'll have to identify and buy the correct adapter cable.

With the 120V unit now connected, I can continue to work on interfacing it with python remotely. The next implementation I'm going to try is item #2 of this plan [ELOG 15446].


I'm in the lab this morning to interface the two new UPS units with the digital controls system. Will be out by lunchtime. The disruptions to the vac system should be very brief this time.

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