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Entry  Thu Jul 23 15:58:24 2020, Jon, Summary, VAC, Vacuum controls refurbishment plan 
    Reply  Mon Jul 27 15:48:36 2020, Jon, Summary, VAC, Vacuum parts ordered 
Message ID: 15501     Entry time: Mon Jul 27 15:48:36 2020     In reply to: 15499
Author: Jon 
Type: Summary 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vacuum parts ordered 

To carry out the next steps of the vac refurbishment plan [ELOG 15499], I've ordered parts necessary for interfacing the UPS units and the analog TP2/3 controller outputs with c1vac. The purchase list is appended to the main BHD list and is located here. Some parts we already had in the boxes of Acromag materials. Jordan is gathering what we do already have and staging it on the vacuum controls console table - please don't move them or put them away.


Replace failing UPS.

Remove interlock dependencies on TP2/TP3 serial readbacks. Due to persistent glitching [ELOG 15140, ELOG 15392].

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