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Entry  Mon Jun 22 10:43:25 2020, Jon, Configuration, VAC, Vac maintenance at 11 am 
    Reply  Mon Jun 22 20:06:06 2020, Jon, Configuration, VAC, Vac maintenance complete Pumpdown-6-22-20.png
       Reply  Tue Jun 23 17:54:56 2020, rana, Configuration, VAC, Vac maintenance complete 
Message ID: 15424     Entry time: Mon Jun 22 20:06:06 2020     In reply to: 15421     Reply to this: 15425
Author: Jon 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vac maintenance complete 

This work is finally complete. The dry pump replacement was finished quickly but the controls updates required some substantial debugging.

For one, the mailer code I had been given to install would not run against Python 3.4 on c1vac, the version run by the vac controls since about a year ago. There were some missing dependencies that proved difficult to install (related to Debian Jessie becoming unsupported). I ultimately solved the problem by migrating the whole system to Python 3.5. Getting the Python keyring working within systemd (for email account authentication) also took some time.

Edit: The new interlock flag channel is named C1:Vac-interlock_flag.

Along the way, I discovered why the interlocks had been failing to auto-close the PSL shutter: The interlock was pointed to the channel C1:AUX-PSL_ShutterRqst. During the recent c1psl upgrade, we renamed this channel C1:PSL-PSL_ShutterRqst. This has been fixed.

The main volume is being pumped down, for now still in a TP3-backed configuration. As of 8:30 pm the pressure had fallen back to the upper 1E-6 range. The interlock protection is fully restored. Any time an interlock is triggered in the future, the system will send an immediate notification to 40m mailing list. 👍


The vac system is going down at 11 am today for planned maintenance:

  • Re-install the repaired TP2 and TP3 dry pumps [ELOG 15417]
  • Incorporate an auto-mailer and flag channel into the controls code for signaling tripped interlocks [ELOG 15413]
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