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Message ID: 15412     Entry time: Thu Jun 18 22:33:57 2020
Author: Jon 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vac hardware purchase list 

Replacement Hardware Purchase List

I've created a purchase list of hardware needed to restore the aging vacuum system. This wasn't planned as part of the BHD upgrade, but I've added it to the BHD procurement list since hardware replacements have become necessary.

The list proposes replacing the aging TP3 Varian turbo pump with the newer Agilent model which has already replaced TP2. It seems I was mistaken in believing we already had a second Agilent pump on hand. A thorough search of the lab has not turned it up, and Steve himself has told me he doesn't remember ordering a second one. Fortunately Steve did leave us a detailed Agilent parts list [ELOG 14322].

It also proposes replacing the glitching TP2 Agilent controller with a new one. The existing one can be sent back for repair and then retained as a spare. Considering that one of these controllers is already malfunctioning after < 2 years, I think it's a very good idea to have a spare on hand.

Known Hardware Issues

Below is our current list of vacuum hardware issues. Items that this purchase list will address (limited to only the most urgent) are highlighted in yellow.

  • Replace the UPS
    • Need a 240V socket for TP1 (currently TP1 is not protected from power loss)
    • Need RS232/485 comms with the interlock server (current UPS: serial readbacks have failed, battery is failing)
  • Remove/replace the failed pressure gauges (~5)
  • Add more cold cathode sensors to the main volume for sensor redundancy (currently the main-volume interlocks rely on only 1 working sensor)
  • Replace TP3 (controller is failing)
  • Replace TP2 controller (serial interface has failed)
  • Remove RP2
    • Dead and also not needed. We already have to throttle the pumpdown rate with only two roughing pumps
  • Remove/refurbish the cryopump
    • Contamination risk to have it sitting connectable to the main volume
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