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Entry  Fri Apr 3 13:40:07 2020, Jon, Update, BHD, BHD front-end complication 
    Reply  Tue Apr 7 10:56:39 2020, Jon, Update, BHD, BHD front-end complication 
Message ID: 15299     Entry time: Tue Apr 7 10:56:39 2020     In reply to: 15295
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: BHD 
Subject: BHD front-end complication 

I have a query out to Dolphin asking:

  1. Have they done any testing of these old drivers on Linux kernel 4.x (e.g., Debian 9/10)?
  2. Is there any way to buy modern IPC cards for the two new machines and interface them with our existing Gen1 network?

Answers from Dolphin:

  1. No, and kernel 4.x (modern Linux) definitely will not work with the Gen1 cards.
  2. No, cards using different PCIe chipsets cannot be mixed.

Since upgrading every front end is out of the question, our only option is to install an old OS (Linux kernel < 3.x) on the two new machines. Based on Keith's advice, I think we should go with Debian 8. (Link to Keith's Debian 8 instructions.)

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