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Message ID: 150     Entry time: Fri Nov 30 20:13:57 2007
Author: dmass 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: HeNe UniPhase Laser 
Data for the Uniphase 1.9 mW HeNe laser (labeled: "051507 From ISCT-BS") SN: 1284131 Model: 1103P

I used the Photon Beamscanner to obtain all data, then fit w(z) as shown on the plot with parameters w_0, z_R, and hidden parameter delta,
where z = delta + x, z is waist distance, x is distance from the laser.

Copies of the matlab code used to fit (/plot) are attached in .zip below.
Attachment 1: Matlabcode.zip  2 kB  Uploaded Mon Dec 3 17:31:12 2007
Attachment 2: UniPhaseWaist.jpg  27 kB  Uploaded Mon Dec 3 17:44:05 2007  | Hide | Hide all
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