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Message ID: 1507     Entry time: Wed Apr 22 11:16:26 2009
Author: steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Cryo pump is ON and the Maglev is dead 

The CRYO pump cooled down and VC1 was opened. This valve configuration is Cryo-only

PSL output shutter opened at 4pm 

PZT HV power supplies turned on for OMC and IOO steering mirrors.

There positions were not corrected to strain gauge values.


Ben helped us to conclude that the FAILURE led indicator is working correctly and

has nothing to do with the one lose, dangling wire#258 in the side connects of the vac rack.


I reset the CSB switch inside the Maglev controller and tried to start accelerating.

It fails after 2-3 sec and failure led light comes on.

Now we can say the MAGLEV 360 is DEAD and the new OSAKA TG420M can be swapped in.

However it requires new interface with our epics based MEDM or better...?



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