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Entry  Tue Apr 21 18:18:27 2009, steve, Update, VAC, maglev failed nopumping10h.jpg
    Reply  Thu May 7 10:28:20 2009, steve, Update, VAC, retrofitted maglev's needs 
Message ID: 1506     Entry time: Tue Apr 21 18:18:27 2009     Reply to this: 1553
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: maglev failed 

Our Osaka TG360MB maglev failed with CSB error message. This means that the dry emergency landing bearing has to be replaced.

I will consalt with Osaka about the choice of replacing bearing or installing new spare  tomorrow.

Mean while V1 is closed and the vac envelope is not pumped.

Valve configuration: BG -background, pumping on the RGA-only

High voltage to IOO PZT steering mirrors and OMC are turned off.

PSL output shutter is closed and manual block is in place.

I will start cooling the CYO pump in the morning, so the IFO will be pumped by noon.


Outgassing plus leakrate after  10 hrs the pressure is 2.3 mTorr

This rate of rise is normal and it is safe to work with the ifo.


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