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Entry  Fri Sep 13 13:03:35 2019, Koji, Summary, CDS, DIN 96pin to DSUB37 adapter (single) ready for use P_20190912_192109.jpg
    Reply  Mon Sep 16 09:11:37 2019, gautam, Summary, CDS, DIN 96pin to DSUB37 adapter (single) ready for use 
       Reply  Mon Sep 16 20:22:19 2019, gautam, Summary, CDS, Update on the Acromag status acromagChecklist.pdf
Message ID: 14885     Entry time: Mon Sep 16 20:22:19 2019     In reply to: 14879
Author: gautam 
Type: Summary 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Update on the Acromag status 
  1. Jordan (new Engineer) and Chub neatened out the cabling at 1Y2/1Y3 today. After their work, I plugged in all the Dsubs to the rear Eurocrate DB37->DIN96 adaptors. Jordan nicely fixed up the labels on the cable with some extra sellotape for a more durable label.
  2. As part of the war on cross-connects, Chub removed some cables that were piping BIO signals from the fast CDS system to the whitening boards.
    • There is a SCSI to DB37 custom ribbon cable going from the BIO card in the expansion chassis to a 1U chassis box at the very bottom of 1Y2.
    • This 1U box, with DCC number D080478 (but no schematic exists on the DCC or any of the usual secret hidey-holes) breaks out the 32 BIO channels to 16+16.
    • Each set of 16 channels was supposed to get broken out to 8+8 via some cross connects and then goto the whitening boards. This is the part that got distrubed.
    • Koji and I discussed options - if Chub cannot resotre this easily, we will make a D37--> 4*D15 breakout board, and pipe the signals via the backplane P2 connectors. This will mean ~10 more days before the LSC system can be tested.
    • Some cabling to the TT DACs and an ADC were also disturbed, but these are easily restored.
  3. From the hardware standpoint, some cross-struts for strain relief on the back of 1Y2 need to be installed --> Chub.
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