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Entry  Fri Jul 26 19:53:53 2019, Jon, Omnistructure, Cameras, GigE Camera Server 
    Reply  Wed Jul 31 14:44:11 2019, gautam, Update, Computers, Supermicro inventory 
Message ID: 14814     Entry time: Fri Jul 26 19:53:53 2019     Reply to this: 14820
Author: Jon 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: GigE Camera Server 

I've started setting up the last new rackmount SuperMicro as a dedicated server for the GigE cameras. The new machine is currently sitting on the end of the electronics test bench. It is assigned the hostname c1cam at IP on the martian network. I've installed Debian 10, which will be officially supported until July 2024.

I've added the /cvs/cds NFS mount and plan to house all the client/server code on this network disk. Any dependencies that must be built from source will be put on the network disk as well. Any dependencies that can be gotten through the package manager, however, will be installed locally but in an automated way using a reqs file.

We should ask Chub to reorder several more SuperMicro rackmount machines, SSD drives, and DRAM cards. Gautam has the list of parts from Johannes' last order.

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