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Message ID: 14662     Entry time: Tue Jun 11 00:00:15 2019
Author: Milind 
Type: HowTo 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Steps to lock the PMC 

Today, Rana had me key the PSL crate.

  1. Locating the rack: the crate is 1X1. This link provides details of the locations and functions of the racks.
  2. Keying the crate: the key is located at the bottom of the rack (in this case). Keying it requires one to turn the key through 90 degrees (anti clockwise facing the rack) and back to to the original position.

Locking the PMC:

  1. Accessing the medm screen for the PMC: open a new terminal and use the command sitemap. This should open up the sitemap medm screen. Click on the PSL button and then select C1PSL_PMC from the dropdown that is produced. This opens up a medm screen similar to that in Attachment #1.
  2. The correct toggling: The keying of the crate sometimes scrambles the settings on the medm screen. Rana and I performed extensive toggling of the buttons and concluded that the combination in Attachment #1 ought to be the correct one.
  3. Locking the PMC: The state of the PMC was deduced by observing CH01 on monitor 7. When not locked, there is no observable bright spot. At this point the "Input Offset (V)" slider is set to zero and the "Servo Gain Adjust (dB)" slider is set to minimum. To obtain lock, complete step 2 and then move the "DC Output Adjust (V)"  slider (at the bottom left on the screen) around rapidly while looking for a bright spot. On observing such a spot on the monitor, release the slider and quickly increase the "Servo Gain Adjust (dB)" slider to around 15 dB. Higher gain values produce a bright spot on CH02 as well which vanishes (almost) on decreasing the gain to the aforementioned value.
Attachment 1: pmc_locked_settings.pdf  19 kB  Uploaded Tue Jun 11 01:38:06 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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