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Entry  Thu Feb 14 15:37:35 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, Vacromag failure Screenshot_from_2019-02-14_15-40-36.pngIMG_7320.JPGScreenshot_from_2019-02-14_20-43-15.png
    Reply  Thu Feb 14 18:16:24 2019, Jon, Update, VAC, Vacromag failure 
Message ID: 14453     Entry time: Thu Feb 14 18:16:24 2019     In reply to: 14452
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vacromag failure 

I sent Gautam instructions to first try stopping the modbus service, power cycling the Acromag chassis, then restarting the service. I've seen the Acromags go into an unresponsive state after a strong electrical transient or shorted signal wires, and the unit has to be power cycled to be reset.

If this doesn't resolve it, I'll come in tomorrow to help with the Acromag replacement. We have plenty of spares.


[chub, gautam]


One of the XT1111 units (XT1111a) in the new vacuum system has malfunctioned. So all valves are closed, PSL shutter is also closed, until this is resolved.


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