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Entry  Thu Jan 10 19:59:08 2019, Jon, Update, VAC, Vac System Running Normally on Turbo Pumps Screen_Shot_2019-01-10_at_7.58.24_PM.pngCCs.pngTPs.png
    Reply  Fri Jan 25 16:14:51 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, Vacuum interlock code, N2 warning 
       Reply  Wed Mar 25 15:15:55 2020, gautam, Update, VAC, Vacuum interlock code, N2 warning update 
Message ID: 14419     Entry time: Fri Jan 25 16:14:51 2019     In reply to: 14396     Reply to this: 15283
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vacuum interlock code, N2 warning 

I reset the remote of this git repo to the 40m version instead of Jon's personal one, to ensure consistency between what's on the vacuum machine and in the git repo. There is now a N2 checker python mailer that will email the 40m list if all the tank pressures are below 600 PSI (>12 hours left for someone to react before the main N2 line pressure drops and the interlocks kick in). For now, the script just runs as a cron job every 3 hours, but perhaps we should integrate it with the interlock process?


All the python code running on c1vac is archived to the git repo: 


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