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Entry  Thu Jan 10 19:59:08 2019, Jon, Update, VAC, Vac System Running Normally on Turbo Pumps Screen_Shot_2019-01-10_at_7.58.24_PM.pngCCs.pngTPs.png
    Reply  Fri Jan 25 16:14:51 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, Vacuum interlock code, N2 warning 
       Reply  Wed Mar 25 15:15:55 2020, gautam, Update, VAC, Vacuum interlock code, N2 warning update 
Message ID: 14396     Entry time: Thu Jan 10 19:59:08 2019     Reply to this: 14419
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vac System Running Normally on Turbo Pumps 

[Jon, Gautam, Chub]


We continued the pumpdown of the IFO today. The main volume pressure has reached 1.9e-5 torr and is continuing to fall. The system has performed without issue all day, so we'll leave the turbos continuously running from here on in the normal pumping configuration. Both TP2 and TP3 are currently backing for TP1. Once the main volume reaches operating pressure, we can transition TP3 to pump the annuli. They have already been roughed to ~0.1 torr. At that point the speed of all three turbo pumps can also be reduced. I've finished final edits/cleanup of the interlock code and MEDM screens.

Python Code

All the python code running on c1vac is archived to the git repo: 


This includes both the interlock code and the serial device clients for interfacing with gauges and pumps.

MEDM Monitor/Control

We're still using the same base MEDM monitor/control screens, but they have been much improved. Improvements:

  • Valves now light up in red when they are open. This makes it much easier to see at a glance what is valved in/out.
  • Every pump in the system (except CP1) is now digitally controlled from the MEDM control screen. No more need to physically push any buttons in the vaccum rack. 👍
  • The turbo pumps now show additional diagnostic readouts: speed (TP1/2/3), temperature (TP2/3), current draw (TP1/2/3), and voltage (TP2/3).
  • The foreline pressure gauge readouts for TP2/3 have been added to the digital system.
  • The two new main volume gauges, Hornet and SuperBee, have been added to the digital system as well.
  • New transducers have been added to read back the two N2 tank pressures.
  • The interlock code generates a log file of all its actions. A field in the MEDM screens specifies the location of the log file.
  • A tripped interlock (appearing as a message in the "Error message" field) must be manually cleared via the "Clear error message" button on the control screen before the system will accept any more manual valve input.

Note: The apparent glitches in the pressure and TP diagnostic channels are due to the interlock system being taken down to implement some of these changes.

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