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Entry  Wed Dec 12 11:53:29 2018, aaron, Update, General, Power Outage IMG_0033.HEICIMG_1027.HEICIMG_2605.HEIC
    Reply  Thu Dec 13 01:26:34 2018, gautam, Update, General, Power Outage recovery 
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Message ID: 14347     Entry time: Wed Dec 12 11:53:29 2018     Reply to this: 14349
Author: aaron 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Power Outage 

At 11:13 am there was a ~2-3 second interruption of all power at the 40m.

I checked that nobody was in any of the lab areas at the time of the outage.

I walked along both arms of the 40m and looked for any indicator lights or unusual activity. I took photos of the power supplies that I encountered, attached. I tried to be somewhat complete, but didn't have a list of things in mind to check, so I may have missed something. 

I noticed an electrical buzzing that seemed to emanate from one of the AC adapters on the vacuum rack. I've attached a photo of which one, the buzzing changes when I touch the case of the adapter. I did not modify anything on the vacuum rack. There is also 

Most of the cds channels are still down. I am going through the wiki for procedures on what to log when the power goes off, and will follow the procedures here to get some useful channels.

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