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Entry  Fri Nov 9 22:24:22 2018, Jon, Omnistructure, , Wiring of Vacuum Acromag Chassis Complete IMG_2987.jpgIMG_2985.jpgIMG_2986.jpg
    Reply  Fri Nov 16 15:09:31 2018, Steve, Configuration, VAC, not venting cryo and ion pumps 
Message ID: 14301     Entry time: Fri Nov 16 15:09:31 2018     In reply to: 14287
Author: Steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: not venting cryo and ion pumps 

Notes on the ion pumps and cryo pump:

  • Our 4 ion pumps were closed off for a lomg time. I estmated their pressure to be around ~1 Torr. After talking with Koji we decided not to vent them.

  • It'd be still useful to wire their position sensors. But make sure we do not actuate the valves. 

  • The cryo pump was regenerated to 1e-4 Torr about 2 years ago. It's pressure can be ~ 2 Torr with charcoal powder. It is a dirty system at room temperature.

  • Do not actuate VC1 and VC2, and keep its manual valve closed.

  • IF someone feels we should vent them for some reason, let us know here in the elog before Monday morning.



Wiring of the power, Ethernet, and indicator lights for the vacuum Acromag chassis is complete. Even though this crate will only use +24V DC, I wired the +/-15V connector and indicator lights as well to conform to the LIGO standard. There was no wiring diagram available, so I had to reverse-engineer the wiring from the partially complete c1susaux crate. Attached is a diagram for future use. The crate is ready to begin software developing on Monday. 


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