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Message ID: 14187     Entry time: Tue Aug 28 18:39:41 2018
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: C1LSC, C1AUX reboots 

I found c1lsc unresponsive again today. Following the procedure in elog #13935, I ran the rebootC1LSC.sh script to perform a soft reboot of c1lsc and restart the epics processes on c1lsc, c1sus, and c1ioo. It worked. I also manually restarted one unresponsive slow machine, c1aux.

After the restarts, the CDS overview page shows the first three models on c1lsc are online (image attached). The above elog references c1oaf having to be restarted manually, so I attempted to do that. I connect via ssh to c1lsc and ran the script startc1oaf. This failed as well, however.

In this state I was able to lock the MICH configuration, which is sufficient for my purposes for now, but I was not able to lock either of the arm cavities. Are some of the still-dead models necessary to lock in resonant configurations?

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