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Entry  Mon Aug 6 20:41:10 2018, aaron, Update, DAQ, New DAC for the OMC OMCDACmdl.png
    Reply  Mon Aug 13 20:21:10 2018, aaron, Update, OMC, New DAC for the OMC c1omcSCREENSHOT.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 14 18:58:35 2018, aaron, Update, DAQ, New DAC for the OMC 6D079592-1350-4099-864B-1F61539A623F.jpeg5868D030-0B97-43A1-BF70-B6A7F4569DFA.jpeg
Message ID: 14159     Entry time: Mon Aug 13 20:21:10 2018     In reply to: 14141
Author: aaron 
Type: Update 
Category: OMC 
Subject: New DAC for the OMC 

[aaron, gautam]

We finished up making the new c1omc model  (screenshot attached).

The new channels are only four DAC for ASC into the OMC, and one DAC for the OMC length:

The model compiles and we can change the channel values, so we are all set to do this OMC scan on the software side.
Attachment 1: c1omcSCREENSHOT.png  55 kB  Uploaded Mon Aug 13 21:21:27 2018  | Hide | Hide all
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