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Entry  Sun Aug 5 13:45:00 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, ETMX tripped ETMX_tripped.pngETMX_tripped_zoom.png
    Reply  Thu Aug 9 12:40:14 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, ETMX trip follow-up ETMXglitch.png
       Reply  Mon Aug 13 09:56:23 2018, Steve, Update, SUS, ETMX trip follow-up ETMXglitch.pngETMXgltch.png
          Reply  Thu Aug 23 08:24:38 2018, Steve, Update, SUS, ETMX trip follow-up ETMX-UL_glitch.pngPEM_4d.png
             Reply  Fri Aug 24 14:58:30 2018, Steve, Update, SUS, ETMX trips again glitches.png
Message ID: 14134     Entry time: Sun Aug 5 13:45:00 2018     Reply to this: 14150
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: ETMX tripped 

Independent from the problems the vertex machine has been having (I think, unless it's something happening over the shared memory network), I noticed on Friday that the ETMX watchdog was tripped. Today, once again, the ETMX watchdog was tripped. There is no evidence of any abnormal seismic activity around that time, and anyways, none of the other watchdogs tripped. Attachment #1 shows that this happened ~838am PT today morning. Attachment #2 shows the 2k sensor data around the time of the trip. If the latter is to be believed, there was a big impulse in the UL shadow sensor signal which may have triggered the trip. I'll squish cables and see if that helps - Steve and I did work at the EX electronics rack (1X9) on Friday but this problem precedes our working there...

Attachment 1: ETMX_tripped.png  220 kB  Uploaded Sun Aug 5 14:46:30 2018  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: ETMX_tripped_zoom.png  136 kB  Uploaded Sun Aug 5 14:54:22 2018  | Hide | Hide all
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