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Entry  Wed Aug 1 16:23:48 2018, Koji, Summary, Computers, Transition of the main NFS disk on chiara 
    Reply  Wed Aug 1 19:41:15 2018, gautam, Summary, Computers, RTCDS recovery, c1ioo changes CDS_overview.png
       Reply  Wed Aug 1 20:44:57 2018, gautam, Summary, Computers, c1omc model (re?)created CDS_OVERVIEW_withOMC.png
          Reply  Thu Aug 2 20:54:18 2018, gautam, Summary, Computers, c1omc model looks stable 
       Reply  Thu Aug 2 20:47:29 2018, gautam, Summary, Electronics, X Green "Mystery" solved 
          Reply  Thu Aug 2 23:09:25 2018, rana, Summary, Computers, X Green "Mystery" solved 
          Reply  Fri Aug 3 14:35:56 2018, gautam, Summary, Electronics, EX AUX electronics power restored 
    Reply  Mon Aug 6 09:42:10 2018, Koji, Summary, Computers, Transition of the main NFS disk on chiara 
Message ID: 14126     Entry time: Thu Aug 2 20:54:18 2018     In reply to: 14123
Author: gautam 
Type: Summary 
Category: Computers 
Subject: c1omc model looks stable 

Actually, c1lsc had crashed again sometime last night so I had to reboot everything this morning. I used the reboot script again, but I increased the sleep time between trying to start up the models again so that I could walk into the VEA and power cycle the c1lsc expansion chassis, as this kind of frequent model crash has been fixed by doing so in the past. Sure enough, there have been no issues since I rebooted everything at ~1030 in the morning. 

The c1omc model itself has been stable as well, though of course, there is nothing in there at the moment. I may do a check of the newly installed DAC tomorrow just to see that we can put out a sine wave.

Steve has ordered the D-sub cabling that will allow us to route signals between AA/AI boards in 1X1/1X2 to the HV PZT electronics in the OMC rack. Things look setup for a measurement next week. Aaron will post a block diagram + photoz of what box goes where in the electronics racks.

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