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Entry  Sat Jul 28 22:16:49 2018, John Martyn, Update, , Characterization of Transimpedance Amplifier PD_TF1.pdfPD_TF2.pdfPD_and_TIA_Transfer_Function_Measurements.zip
    Reply  Sun Jul 29 00:59:54 2018, Koji, Update, Electronics, Characterization of Transimpedance Amplifier 
Message ID: 14112     Entry time: Sun Jul 29 00:59:54 2018     In reply to: 14111
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Characterization of Transimpedance Amplifier 

You have this measurement problem when the IF bandwidth is larger than the measurement frequency. I suspect the IF bandwidth is 30kHz.

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