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Entry  Tue Jun 19 23:27:27 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, ETMX coil driver work in AM tomorrow 
    Reply  Thu Jun 21 00:14:01 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, ETMX coil driver out 
       Reply  Thu Jun 21 03:13:37 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, ETMX coil driver noise ETMXsticthced.pdfETMXFullSpan.pdfETMXCoilDriver.fil.zip
          Reply  Sun Jun 24 20:02:07 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, Some notes about coil driver noise CoilDriverSchematic.pdfD010001_2k_fastOnly_2.25k.pdfD010001_4k_fastOnly_4.5k.pdf
             Reply  Tue Jun 26 16:28:00 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, Coil driver protoboard characterization IMG_7060.JPGETMXstitchced.pdfETMXfullSpan.pdfPSRR.pdf
       Reply  Thu Jun 21 18:25:57 2018, gautam, Update, SUS, ETMX coil driver re-installed 
Message ID: 13992     Entry time: Thu Jun 21 00:14:01 2018     In reply to: 13988     Reply to this: 13993   13999
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: ETMX coil driver out 

I finished the re-soldering work today, and have measured the coil driver noise pre-Mods and post-Mods. Analysis tomorrow. I am holding off on re-installing the board tonight as it is likely we will have to tune all the loops to make them work with the reduced range. So ETMX will remain de-commissioned until tomorrow.

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