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Message ID: 13954     Entry time: Wed Jun 13 11:59:03 2018
Author: keerthana 
Type: Update 
Category: elog 
Subject: command line enabled code for frequency scanning 

I have modified the code for frequency scanning and have made it completely command line enabled. The code is written in python. It is saved in the name "frequency_scanning_argparse.py". I have uploaded it to the Mode-Spectroscopy Github repository.

Inorder to use this code there are two ways.

1. We can mention the ' frequency' on which marconi need to work. Then it will change the marconi frequency to that perticular value.

eg: Type in the terminal as follows for changing the marconi frequency to 59 Mhz.

python frequency_scanning_argparse.py 59e6

2. Inorder to give a scan to the marconi frequency, provide the 'start frequency', 'end frequency' and the 'number of points' in between. This will be more conveniant when we want to run the scan in different ranges.

eg: Type in the terminal as follows for a start frequency of 59 Mhz, end frequency of 62MHz and number of points in between equal to 1000.

python frequency_scanning_argparse.py 59e6 62e6 1000

In both cases the code will show you the frequency of the marconi before we run this code and it will change the marconi frequency to the desired frequency.

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