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Entry  Sun Jun 3 22:48:59 2018, johannes, Update, PSL, aux laser replacement 
    Reply  Mon Jun 4 02:52:52 2018, johannes, Update, PSL, aux laser replacement 
    Reply  Mon Jun 4 11:00:37 2018, gautam, Update, PSL, aux laser replacement 
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Message ID: 13913     Entry time: Mon Jun 4 11:00:37 2018     In reply to: 13911     Reply to this: 13916
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: aux laser replacement 

I couldn't locate an appropriate heat sink for the driver, which is still in factory condiction, but since the PSL AOM also runs on 80MHz I used that one instead.

We have the appropriate heatsink - I'd like to minimize interference with the main beam wherever possible.


For the PSL beat the AOM drive is not needed, and the power in the optical fiber should not exceed 100 mW, so the offset voltage to the AOM RF driver has to remain below 300 mV.

If damage to the fiber is a concern, I think it's better to use a PBS + waveplate to attenuate the power going into the fiber. When the AOM switching is hooked up to CDS, it's easy to imagine a wrong button being pressed or a wrong value being typed in.

It would probably also be good to have a pickoff monitor for the NPRO DC power so that we can confirm its health (in the short run, we can hijack a PSL Acromag channel for this purpose, as we now do for FSS_RMTEMP). I don't know that we need an EOM for the PLL, as in order to get that going, we probably need some fast electronics for the EOM path, like an FSS box. 

STEVE: I ordered the right heatsink for the acousto after Koji pointed out that the vertical fins are 20% more efficient. Why? Because hot air rises. It will be here in 3-4 days.

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