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Entry  Mon Mar 26 21:25:55 2018, rana, Summary, IOO, MC2 Trans table has issues 20180326_201929.jpg
    Reply  Mon Mar 26 21:40:26 2018, gautam, Summary, IOO, MC2 classical radiation pressure noise IMC_RIN.pdfIMC_RadPress.pdfMC2_radPress.tgz
Message ID: 13706     Entry time: Mon Mar 26 21:40:26 2018     In reply to: 13705
Author: gautam 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC2 classical radiation pressure noise 

[rana, gautam]

we measured the RIN of the MC2 transmission using the PDA255 I had put on the MC2 trans table sometime ago for ringdowns. Attached are (i) spectra for the RIN, (ii) spectra for the classical rad. pressure noise assuming 500W circulating power and (iii) a tarball of data and code used to generate these plots.

We took a full span measurement (to make sure there aren't any funky high-freq features) and a measurement from DC-800 Hz (where we are looking for excess noise). The DC level of light on the photodiode was 2.76V (measured using o'scope)

I'll add this to the noise budget later. But the measured RIN seems consistent with a 2013 measurement at 100Hz (though the 2013 measurement is using DTT and so doesn't have high frequency information).

Attachment 1: IMC_RIN.pdf  213 kB  Uploaded Tue Mar 27 01:35:00 2018  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: IMC_RadPress.pdf  204 kB  Uploaded Tue Mar 27 12:32:16 2018  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 3: MC2_radPress.tgz  13 kB  Uploaded Tue Mar 27 12:32:24 2018
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