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Entry  Wed Feb 21 17:20:32 2018, johannes, Update, VAC, Hornet gauge connected to DAQ. VacLog.png
    Reply  Fri Feb 23 07:47:54 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, CC1 Hornet InstruTech_Hornet_CC1.pngCC1_readback_updated.png
       Reply  Mon Mar 5 10:13:21 2018, gautam, Update, VAC, vacuum health VacuumStatus.png
Message ID: 13664     Entry time: Mon Mar 5 10:13:21 2018     In reply to: 13653
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: vacuum health 

In Steve's absence, I've tried to keep an eye on the health of the vacuum system. From Attachment #1, the pressure of the main volume seems stable, no red flags there. I also don't here any anomalously loud sounds near the vacuum pumps. I've changed the N2 cylinders that keep V1 open twice, on Wednesday and Sunday of last week. So in summary, the vacuum system looks fine based on all the metrics I know of.

Attachment 1: VacuumStatus.png  29 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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