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Entry  Tue Feb 13 22:35:21 2018, gautam, Update, Electronics, PSL table power supply cleanup 
    Reply  Wed Feb 14 17:49:22 2018, gautam, Update, Electronics, PSL table power supply cleanup IMG_5135.JPGSorensens_1X1_before.JPGSorensens_1X1_after.JPG
Message ID: 13633     Entry time: Wed Feb 14 17:49:22 2018     In reply to: 13632
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: PSL table power supply cleanup 

[steve, gautam]

We completed this work today. Need to clean up a little (i.e. coil excess cable lengths, remove unused cables etc), which we will do tomorrow. All connections have been made at the DIN rail end, but the fuses have not been inserted yet, so there is no voltage reaching the PSL table on any of the newly laid out cables. We also need to establish two +15VDC connections at the DIN rail side. I may establish this later in the evening, as the main point of this work was to get the Teledyne signal path operational. Setting up these DIN connectors is actually a huge pain, we tried to setup a few extra ports for the voltages we used today so that in future, life is easier for whoever wants to pipe DC power to the PSL table. The rule is, however, to re-establish the same number of open ports for each voltage as was available when you started.

For the ZHL-3A, Teledyne, and AOM driver cables, we used 18AWG, 2 conductor, twisted wire, while for the PSL fan we used 20AWG. For the FSS box, we decided to use the 3 conductor 24AWG twisted wire. I believe that these wire gauge choices are appropriate given the expected current in each of these paths.

Pictures + further details tomorrow.

gautam @ 1030pm: there was some mistake with the +15V wiring we did in the evening (the PSL fan and Teledyne cables were plugged into the wrong DIN terminal blocks). I fixed this, and also routed +15VDC to the newly installed set of terminal blocks for this purpose (since we had run out of +15VDC ports at 1X1). After checking voltages at both 1X1 and on the PSL table, I hooked up

  1. FSS Summing box
  2. Teledyne amplifier
  3. ZHL-3A amplifiers

to their newly laid out power supplies. IMC locks so looks like the FSS box is doing fine yes. So we can recover one bench power supply from under the PSL table on the east side. I didn't hook up the AOM driver just now because of some accessibility issues, and I'd also like to do an ALS beat spectrum measurement if possible.

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Attachment 2: Sorensens_1X1_before.JPG  1.225 MB  Uploaded Fri Feb 16 11:49:11 2018  | Hide | Hide all
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