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Entry  Fri Nov 10 18:57:41 2017, rana, Summary, Electronics, Ithaca 1201 vs. SR560 Ithaca1201.pdf
    Reply  Sun Dec 31 12:43:50 2017, rana, Summary, Electronics, SR560: reworking Preamps.pdf
       Reply  Mon Jan 8 20:50:01 2018, rana, Summary, Electronics, SR560: reworking 
Message ID: 13494     Entry time: Sun Dec 31 12:43:50 2017     In reply to: 13425     Reply to this: 13516
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: SR560: reworking 

I have ordered some LSK389A (in both the SOIC-8 and TO-71 packages) to replace the SR560's default front end FET pair (NPD5565).

I'm going to rework s# 00619 once these new FETs come in. Also ordered 100 of the SOIC-8 to DIP-8 adapter boards from Digikey.

This plot shows the current performance compared to the Rai Low Noise box. I expect the FETs should let us get to ~1.5 nV/rHz with the SR560.

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