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Message ID: 13436     Entry time: Tue Nov 21 11:21:26 2017
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: RFM network down 

I noticed yesterday evening that I wasn't able to engage the single arm locking servos - turned out that they weren't getting triggered, which in turn pointed me to the fact that the arm transmssion channels seemed dead. Poking around a little, I found that there was a red light on the CDS overview screen for c1rfm.

  • The error seems to be in the receiving model only, i.e. c1rfm, all the sending models (e.g. c1scx) don't report any errors, at least on the CDS overview screen.
  • Judging by dataviewer trending of the c1rfm status word, seems like this happened on Sunday morning, around 11am.
  • I tried restarting both sender and receiver models, but error persists.
  • I got no useful information from the dmesg logs of either c1sus (which runs c1rfm), or c1iscex (which runs c1scx).
  • There are no physical red lights in the expansion chassis that I could see - in the past, when we have had some timing errors, this would be a signature.

Not sure how to debug further...

* Fix seems to be to restart the sender RFM models (c1scx, c1scy, c1asx, c1asy).

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