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Message ID: 13396     Entry time: Fri Oct 20 16:30:17 2017
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: FB1 installed on shelves 

[steve, jamie, gautam]

The machine that now serves as out Frame Builder, FB1, was sitting on top of megatron. I decided that this wasn't ideal, and asked Steve to get some alternative mounting solution. Today, he procured some shelves to put FB1 on. Jamie suggested looking for the slider-rail that came with the machine, and using that instead, as it will allow us to slide FB1 out of the rack as we do megatron and the old FB. But as luck would have it, the distance between the rack vertical posts is 26 inches, but the rail is 27 inches. So we had to accept using the less ideal solution of putting FB1 on two shelves, with no sliding option. Photo to be uploaded shortly.

For this work, I had to shutdown FB1 for about 1 hour between 3pm and 4pm. It seems to have come back up fine now.

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