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Message ID: 13381     Entry time: Mon Oct 16 12:13:38 2017
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Megatron maintenance 

Wall StripTool traces showed that IMC has not been locked for at least 8 hours when I came in this morning. Going to the IMC autolocker log, it looks like the last timestamp was at ~6pm yesterday. Megatron was responding to ping, but I couldn't ssh into it. So I went over to the machine and did a hard-reboot via front panel power switch. The computer took ~10mins to come back online and respond to ping. Once it did, I was able to ssh into it. However, trying the usual commands to restart the IMC autolocker and FSS Slow loops didn't work. Specifically, monitoring the logfile with tail -f Autolocker.log, I would see that the autolocker seemed to get stuck after starting the "blinky" script. Trying to restart the process using sudo initctl restart MCautolocker, init would print to shell that the restart had worked, and reported the PID, but the logfile wouldn't update "live" as it should when tail is used with the -f option. All very strange frown.

Anyways, as a last resort, I kill -9'ed the PID for the init instance, and init automatically restarted the Autolocker - this did the trick, IMC is locked now and logfile seems to be getting updated normallyyes.

I also cleared a bunch of matlab crash dump files in the home directory.

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