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Entry  Wed Oct 4 17:18:15 2017, gautam, Update, CDS, Free DAC channels in c1lsc 
    Reply  Thu Oct 5 02:14:51 2017, gautam, Update, LSC, More DRMI coupling measurements - setup CB4709D0-3FA7-43E3-BC25-3CF4164E6C6A.jpeg
Message ID: 13356     Entry time: Wed Oct 4 17:18:15 2017     Reply to this: 13359
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Free DAC channels in c1lsc 

There are at least 5 free DAC channels (4 if you discount the one channel from these that I am hijacking) available in the 1Y2 electronics rack.

Jamie's nice wiring diagram shows the topology - the actual DAC card sits in 1Y3 inside the c1lsc expansion chassis (while the c1lsc frontend itself is in 1X4). The output of the DAC goes via SCSI to an interface box (D080303) and then to some dewhitening/AI boards (D000316). There are a total of 16 DAC channels available, out of which 8 are used for the TTs, 2 are used for the DAFI model, and one is labeleld "From c1ioo 1X2" (I don't know what this one is for). So I'm going to use some of these channels for measuring the coupling of oscillator noise and intensity noise to MICH in the DRMI lock.

The de-whitening/AI board seems to be old - it has 2x 800Hz Butterworth LPFs and no notch for the clock frequency, but maybe this doesn't matter for the tests I have in mind. The AI board available on 1X2 is more modern but routing the DAC channels from 1Y2 to it is going to be some work.

I'm going to add my testpoint to c1daf given that it seems to be the least critical model on c1lsc.

EDIT: testpoints added to c1daf don't show up in the list of available channels - there was some issue with this model while we were getting the new RTCDS going. So I'm moving my temporary testpoint to c1cal instead.

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