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Entry  Mon Oct 19 11:20:34 2015, gautam, Update, VAC, RGA scan reset RGAscan_151019.png
    Reply  Thu Apr 21 15:12:38 2016, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA is not working 
       Reply  Wed May 11 16:39:01 2016, ericq, Update, VAC, c0rga alive, output wonky 
          Reply  Thu May 12 14:29:58 2016, gautam, Update, VAC, RGA back up and running RGAscan_12May2016.png
             Reply  Tue May 17 14:46:51 2016, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan at day 595 RGAscan595d.pngpd78-560Hz-d600.png
                Reply  Mon Aug 21 14:53:32 2017, gautam, Update, VAC, RGA reset 
Message ID: 13233     Entry time: Mon Aug 21 14:53:32 2017     In reply to: 12119
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: RGA reset 

[gautam, steve]

In the aftermath of the accidental vent, it looks like the RGA was shutdown.

We followed the instructions in this elog to restart the RGA.

Seems to be working now, Steve says we just need to wait for it to warm up before we can collect a reliable scan.


We have good RGA scan now. There was no scan for 3 months.


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