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Entry  Wed Aug 16 20:01:03 2017, gautam, Update, General, SUS model ASC input weirdness ITMX_ASC.png
    Reply  Fri Aug 18 21:58:35 2017, gautam, Update, General, SUS model ASC input weirdness ITMXP.pngASC_model_outmatrix.pngASC_medm.pngASC_outMat.png
Message ID: 13228     Entry time: Fri Aug 18 21:58:35 2017     In reply to: 13221
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: SUS model ASC input weirdness 

I spent some time today trying to debug this issue.

Jamie and I had opened up the c1sus frontend to try and replace the RFM card before we realized that the problem was in the RCG code generator. During this process, we had disconnected all of the back-panel cabling to this machine (2 ethernet cables, dolphin cable, and RFM cables/fibers). I thought I may have accidentally returned the cables to the wrong positions - but all the status indicator lights indicate that everything is working as it should, and I also confirmed that the cabling is as it is in the pictures of the rack on the wiki page.

Looking at the SimuLink model diagram (see Attachment #1 for example), it looks like (at least some of) these channels are actually on the dolphin network, and not the RFM network (with which we were experiencing problems). This suggests that the problem is something deeper. Although I did see nans in some of the ETMX ASC channels as well, for which the channels are piped over the RFM network. Even more puzzling is that the ASC MEDM screen (Attachment #3) and the SimuLink diagram (Attachment #2) suggest that there is an output matrix in between the input signals and the output angular control signals to the suspensions. As Attachment #4 shows, the rows corresponding to ITMX PIT and YAW are zero (I confirmed using z read <matrixElement>). Attachment #3 shows that the output of all the servo banks except CARM_YAW is zero, but CARM_YAW has no matrix element going to the ITMs (also confirmed with z read <servoOutputChannel>). So 0 x 0 should be 0, but for some reason the model doesn't give this output?

GV Edit: As EricQ just pointed out to me, nan x 0 is still nan, which probably explains the whole issue. Poking a little further, it seems like this is an SDF issue - the SDF table isn't able to catch differences for this hold output channel.

As I was writing this elog, I noticed that, as mentioned above, the CARM_YAW output was "nan". When I restart the model (thankfully this didn't crash c1lsc!), it seems to default to this state. Opening up the filter module, I saw that the "hold output" was enabled.

Toggling that switch made the nans in all the SUS ASC channels disappear. Mysterious indecision.

All the points above stand - CARM_YAW output shouldn't have been going anywhere as per the output matrix, but it seems to have been responsible? Seems like a bug in any case if a model restarts with a field as "nan".

Anyways the problem seems to have been resolved so I'm going to try locking and dither aligning the arms now.

Rolf mentioned that a simple update could fix several of the CDS issues we are facing (e.g. inability to open up testpoints), but he didn't seem to have any insight into this particular issue. Jamie will try and recompile all the models and then we have to see if that fixes the remaining problems.


I have to check where this signal is coming from, but for now I just turned the "ASC Input" switch off. More investigation to be done, but in the meantime, ASS dither alignment may not be possible.

After consulting with Jamie, I have just disabled all outputs to the suspensions other than local damping loop outputs. I need to figure out how to get this configuration into the safe.snap file such that until we are sure of what is going on, the models start up in this safer configuration.


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