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Message ID: 1314     Entry time: Mon Feb 16 22:58:51 2009
Author: rana, yoichi 
Type: Configuration 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Hysteresis in SUS from Misalignments 
WE wondered if there was some hysteresis in the SUS alignments. When we leave the optics misaligned for a
long time it seems to take awhile for the optic to settle down. Possibly, this is the slow deformation of
the wires or the clamps.

The attached PNG shows the plot of the bias sliders for a few days. You can see that we misalign some of the
optics much more than the others. This must be stopped.

Kakeru is going to use his nearly complete optical lever calibrations to quatify this by stepping the optics
around and measuring the effect in the optical lever. Of course, the misalignment steps will be too large to
catch on the OL, but he can calibrate the align-sliders into radians to handle this.
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